In Resort Naaranlahti we can offer you unforgettable experiences in nature. Please see below our summer activities. In the winter time you can do ice fishing, snow mobile driving, skiing, skating and ride with horse sleigh.


You cant rent motorboat for a trip to islands of Lake Puruvesi, fishing or just for enjoying amazing lake and fresh air.


We have different kind of boats available for you:

  • 4hp with 2 stroke  37€/day,185€/week

  • 5hp with 4 stroke 45€/day, 225€/week

  • 15hp +wheel 76€/day, 380€/week

  • 20hp +wheel 88€/day, 440€/week

  • 40hp +wheel 116€/day, 580€/week

  • 50hp +wheel 135€/day, 675/week


A map and life jackets are included in the price. The deposit for rent is 500€. One day is 9:00-19:00.


Puruvesi is The fishing paradise! Resort Naaranlahti is located right by the Lake Puruvesi, which is famous of its clear water (transparency 11,2 m, color of water 6 PtCo) and outstanding fishing possibilities. The Lake Puruvesi provides excellent fishing environment with its scattered shorelines and numerous islands. Lake Puruvesi is part of Saimaa and itself has area of 320 km2 of open water. Lake Puruvesi attracts every year a great number of fishermen to catch salmon, northern pike, perch, lavaret, vendace, roach, ide/ orfe and bream.


We provide fishing guiding and trips to nature nearby throughout the year. We have professional facilities, equipment: rods, reels and lures, echolot, downrigger, floating suites and skills, which are ready for you to use and enjoy.

Canoes, kajaks, SUP boards

Naaranlahti´s wonderful nature enables a diverse activities. Beautiful lake scenery and a fantastic countryside give you a relaxing and unforgettable memories.

We have canoes for two persons, single/double kayaks and SUP-boards available.


Canadian canoes, kayaks, SUP boards

16€/ 2 hours, 50€/day, 150€/week

Gears (life jackets, map) are included in the price.

We provide guiding and trips during the summer.

Horse riding

Our nice and trustworthy Finnish horses take you to varying country side. Trips can include a picnic or a swim with the horse after the ride, according to your wishes. In the training field you can try out horseback riding under the watch of an instructor.


On the field/forest with guide

20€/30 min      30€/1 h


Riding 1 h and swimming with horse(s)  40€


Experience spectacular scenery while cycling. Peace brought by nature will follow you in the Finnish landscape and breath a fresh air.


You can rent bicycle from us and we will give you good tips and maps for amazing biking routes.



Renting prices:

Normal              9€/day    45€/week

Mountain bike  15€/day   75€/week

Hiking, picking up berries & mushrooms

We have amazing nature around the Naaranlahti! You can spend short or longer time in the forest and enjoy clean air with beautiful landscape.


Puruvesipolku is a new hiking trail, which goes through typical Finnish landscapes shaped by the ice age. The scenery varies from forests and lakes to agricultural countryside.


Treasures of forest is yours! You can find blueberries, lingonberries and many different mushrooms around the Naaranlahti.

Just come and enjoy!

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